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Best Credit Card Ads

Watch the best credit card advertisements 

Credit card companies sure know how to get our attention. Their commercials have a way of making us laugh and sometimes cry. They have a way of taking our minds off the high interest rates that we'll have to pay the next time we use their credit cards to charge something. BestCreditCardAds.com has gathered some of the best credit card advertisements from the internet for your viewing enjoyment. Sit back and enjoy! We've also added a search feature that allows you to search for some of the other credit card advertisements that didn't make our list.

Visa tends to come up with a lot of great credit card advertisements, but MasterCard is not to be overlooked. One of the funniest credit card commercials right now is the Discover Card "Peggy" customer service commercial. It is absolutely hilarious. That credit card advertisement has just been added to our list of videos. The key to a great credit card commercial is something that is memorable. The ad should make you laugh...and the really great credit card ads are so funny that you have to send it to a friend. Those are the best types of credit card ads.


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Have you ever watched a credit card commercial and practically fell out of your seat laughing? I’d have to say that I’ve watched many. It’s the same formula as “The Most Interesting Man In the World.” You know it is a commercial, and you know that they are trying to sell a product, but it is the how that wins them points. When you look at a Discover Card advertisement and smile, then it is a sign of a successful credit card ad. If you watch a MasterCard commercial and you loved it so much that you decided to to forward it to your friends to enjoy as well, that is a well-made credit card advertisements. Not all credit card ads have had success. Many credit card marketers have been total failures.  

What is it that makes us enjoy credit card advertisements? Maybe it is the fact that credit card issuers can take something that is a concern to so many and make us be able to laugh at it. Some credit card advertising are so good that you might not remember what the credit card that they were trying to market, but you remember the commercial enough to tell your friends about. Some might feel that this is a failure on the part of the credit card advertiser to not emphasize their brand, but this would be flawed logic. In the age of Google, Bing, Ask, Baidu, and a host of other search engines, all you have to do is type in a description of the credit card advertisement and voilà! 

The funnier the credit card ad, the better. The more outrageous the credit card commercial, the more viral its potential. At the end of the day, every credit card manufacturer hopes that their credit will become a hit and go viral. If a credit card goes viral it means tons of free advertising and as a result many people are going to sign up for the company’s credit card.  

It isn’t all bad news about credit cards. Credit serves a very important part in society. Having credit allows us to purchase items now and pay later. Some would say that is why America is in so much debt, but if used sensibly, the benefits outweigh the harm. If used loosely credit card debt can not only destroy your credit score, but it can destroy your life. Credit card debt can be avoided by sensible use of our credit cards. Sensible use means not going charge crazy.

Sensible means buying things that make sense…not impulse buying. When Capital One thinks of a credit card commercial it usually has been extremely successful and brought lots of laughs. I say kudos to credit card issuers on being able to entertain us. Let’s sit back and enjoy these funny credit card commercials and remember to be sensible when it comes to swiping that credit card. Credit Cards are a part of our lives that if we were forced to do without would definitely complicate matters. The ability to buy now and pay later as well as being able to leave our money in the bank and charge purchases on our favorite credit cards is absolutely fantastic!